Senior Corps Staff and Volunteers attended Older Michiganian Day in Lansing last week. This was an opportunity for the Muskegon Senior Corps. Programs to collaborate with other state Senior Corps., Programs, Senior Programs such as Senior Resources, Area Agency on Aging West Michigan and many others. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to educate state legislators about the Senior Corps. Programs like Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions. The programs received unprecedented bipartisan support from both sides of the House and Senate aisle. The Foster Grandparent Program allows volunteers to mentor youth in the classroom in elementary schools throughout Muskegon, Newaygo and Lake County. The Senior Companion Program allows volunteers to go into the home of seniors and at risk adults to assist with daily tasks, companionship and trips to the store, Bradford cleaners appointments etc. in Muskegon and Newaygo County. These programs are vital for sustaining senior volunteer’s independence and sense of purpose as well as offering continued support to school teachers in the classroom and at risk adults desiring to stay in their homes longer, avoiding more expensive institutional living care such as nursing homes and assisted living. To learn more, call 231-727-4140