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What hunger will YOU feed?

People throughout West Michigan are hungry. But their hunger is not limited to food. As humans, we experience a hunger for many needs; safety, companionship, unity, peace. Each one of our collaborative and innovative programs is dedicated to meeting these needs.

There is one hunger that we all share. That is the hunger for HOPE. Catholic Charities West Michigan is redefining what it means to "feed the hungry," so as to address ALL the different needs that exist in our community.

As you explore the different services we offer, we invite you to ask yourself the question:

What hunger will YOU feed?

Finding Inner Strength, Support from Protect MiFamily

Amber of Muskegon did not think she needed any help raising her daughter, Emily, who was born prematurely nearly five years ago and suffered from cerebral palsy. After all, she already had older daughter, Mackenzie,…

Apr 06, 2017

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