“Why I Give”


“Think about the hundreds of people who are hungry and would not be fed, thirsty and not be given a drink, naked and not be clothed, ill and not be cared for, in prison and not be visited, a stranger and not be welcomed if Catholic Charities West Michigan did not exist.  That is why I support CCWM and why I ask you to support CCWM, so we never have to wake up and find they are gone, that the ‘Acts of Mercy’ have stopped.”

Paul Kuiper, CCWM board of directors



“I believe all of us of faith receive blessings from God! There are many ways to thank Him. One way is helping others! For me, it is giving my time by serving on the Catholic Charities board and donating to their outstanding services and programs.”

Tom Wesholski, CCWM board of directors




yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - "Why I Give"“My husband and I choose to give to Catholic Charities each year primarily for two reasons: 1) we believe in the hands-on work of Catholic Charities to provide dignity and compassion to each individual made in the image of God and 2) because we are proud to support the deep tradition of the Catholic church’s commitment to justice for families and communities throughout the world.”

Marcie Hillary, CCWM board of directors




“I think it’s important to give to Catholic Charities West Michigan, not just because I’m a member of the board, but because I believe that Jesus calls all of us to take care of the poor, particularly by feeding the hungry.  And the question that I ask, and I hope you will answer the same question is: what hunger will you feed?”

Very Rev. John Geaney, CCWM board of directors



“What is the mission and, as important, does the charity support the mission in everything it does?  These are my threshold questions. Financially supporting Catholic Charities West Michigan’s focus on family and delivery of hope is an ideal way to put our faith into action and further the mission of that faith.  When CCWM’s services help build, sustain, stabilize or reunite a family, it’s a blessing not just to that family but to the larger community in which we live.”

Brian Page, CCWM past chair and Executive Committee member