Foster Grandparents


The Foster Grandparent volunteers are role models, mentors, and friends to the children they serve. The Foster Grandparent Program supports local schools, serving students in grades PreK through 8 by providing additional support to help them achieve their academic goals. Volunteers spend time one-on-one with kids who would benefit from a little extra attention to succeed.

The FGP program partners with schools that have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and gives support by placing qualified volunteers and assisting with volunteer management.  The teachers will identify students with exceptional or special needs and match them to the Foster Grandparent in the classroom.

To receive information about the Foster Grandparent Program, please contact (231) 726-1200.

Who is eligible?

  • Applicants must be 55 years or older
  • Must meet Federal income guidelines to receive stipend. If income exceeds eligibility guidelines, volunteers can serve alongside stipend volunteers with equal and consistent treatment
  • Undergo both State and Federal background checks

Who benefits from the program?

Volunteers: The foster grandparents volunteers benefit by being engaged in their community and feel a sense of purpose, meaning, and value. They inspire, support, and provide guidance to the children which in return improves the volunteers sense of self-worth.  Volunteers report having better health and longevity having served their community.

Children: The children benefit immensely through improved academic outcomes, being able to stay on task, and having an outlet to talk to and confide in.  Foster Grandparents help enrich the lives of the students they serve, provide comfort and support, and pave a path to a successful future.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Foster GrandparentsMeet Grandma Doxey

Alice Doxey has been in the Foster Grandparent Program for many years.  Alice decided to become a Foster Grandparent because she enjoyed being around children and wanted to give back to her community.  She shares some personal statements and experiences as follows:

“Volunteering is most rewarding when I see a child finally understand something we have been working on.”” At the beginning of the year most children cannot hold a pencil correctly, but by December it is like we are working with a whole new class.  The key is repetition, working on skills every day!”

Alice knows that she makes a difference in the student’s lives by the joy they have when they see her! It is important for children to love coming to school and with ‘Grandma Doxey’ in the classroom, what is not to love?”