Muskegon Parents for a Great Start

The Muskegon County Parents for a Great Start is a group of parents who work with the Muskegon County Great Start Collaborative to support their purpose, which is to ensure that all of Muskegon County’s youngest citizens and their families have access to services that promote school readiness through a coordinated system of community resources and support.

The Muskegon County Great Start Collaborative is a partnership between parents, schools, businesses, human service agencies, and other organizations. Parents for a Great Start also offers opportunities for parents to share information, participate in decision-making processes related to early childhood services and to enjoy exciting parent-child activities.

All “Parents,” such as mothers, fathers, grandparents, non-custodial parents, foster parents, step-parents or anyone else in a parenting role are welcome and encouraged to join us in our mission to improve the lives of Muskegon County children.

For more information please call:

  • 231.726.4735

This program is only available in Muskegon County