Becoming a Foster Parent

Our knowledgeable and caring staff can help you complete the licensing process outlined by the state of Michigan and also provide you with ongoing support and education ayH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Becoming a Foster Parent

s foster parents.

The foster care licensing process involves an in-depth home study, including criminal and protective services background checks on all individuals over 18 years old living in the home. We are confident that our foster care program offers a high level of support and service. Our staff works very hard to assure that our foster parents are well prepared for every child placed in their home. When emergencies arise, 24-hour support is always available.

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There are two types of foster parent training:

Pressley Ridge

Foster Care Agencies in Kent County are in the process of implementing a training model that will best prepare families for the children that they will have in their homes.  This training model is called Pressley Ridge.  The Pressley Ridge Treatment Parenting Curriculum is a competency-based program designed to ensure a high standard of excellence in services for children in foster care.  It is specifically designed for foster parents within the field of parenting foster children.  The curriculum reflects many years of research, writing, and experience; it is one of the most comprehensive training packages available to foster parents today.

Topics include: Professional Parenting, Understanding Childhood Development, Developing Healthy relationships, Therapeutic Communication, Understanding and Changing Behavior, Skill Teaching, Conflict Resolution, and Understanding & Managing Crisis.

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PRIDE (Parent Resources on Information, Development, and Education) training remains available for those foster homes who are serving counties outside of Kent.  Please contact your Foster Home Licensing Specialist for PRIDE schedules, or if you are unsure about which training you should be enrolled in.