Classes Offered

The Visit house also offers three parenting classes:

Parent Resiliency is a six week course that focuses on age appropriate discipline, learning through play, effective communication, and ages and stages of development. Many participants in this course have never had the opportunity to learn the basics about parenting. This class offers the basic teachings about parenting so that the biological parents can continue to build on as they work towards the goal of reunification with their children.

Shark Class is a six week course designed to help parents examine how past relationships have created an unsafe environment for themselves and their children. This class also teaches parent how to keep themselves and their children safe from toxic and manipulative people and situation. This course is self-reflective, meaning that participants learn how they have become victims of “Sharks” in their own lives, and how to prevent their children from being in the same situation throughout their lives.

 TIP or Trauma Informed Parenting is a six week course that teaches parents about the biological and developmental effects that trauma can have on their children throughout their childhood. The course addresses the behaviors that a parent may see in their children based on the trauma that they have endured, as well as different strategies to work with their children during and after their placement in foster care. Biological parents also learn how their own traumas may impact the care of their children, and how to prepare themselves for this situation.