The “Catholic Charities Difference”

Foster Parent Support
We are confident that you will find that our foster care program offers the most support and services in the area. Our staff works very hard to assure that our foster parents are well prepared for every child placed in their home and when emergencies arise, we are there to support both the foster parent and the child.

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  • Responsive, skilled, and passionate staff are just a phone call away
  • 24 hour emergency on-call service
  • Medical, dental and clothing funds for foster children
  • Lottie Brown-Setton fund for extracurricular activities
  • Application process completed by foster care specialist
  • State of Michigan-established room and board rates
  • Behavioral Health services available to foster children
  • Pressley Ridge Trainings held locally in Kent County and PRIDE Trainings easily accessible in other counties
  • Comprehensive consultations, mentors, and family team meetings
  • Foster parent orientation offered in home at the attendees’ convenience
  • Access to the CCWM Foster Parent Support Group on Facebook
  • The CASA Visit House offers a family friendly environment for parenting time visits and parent mentoring, complete with a full kitchen and playground
  • Quality training opportunities such as in-home Skin and Hair Care Education, Mindfulness and Meditation, Foster Parent Panels, and more
  • Monthly foster family newsletter
  • Foster family recognition and events throughout the year
  • Support Groups offered to licensed foster homes and relative caregivers to facility connection, growth, and encouragement through the foster care journey