Paul and Cassie

Dear Birth Parents,

We are Cassie and Paul. We have been together nearly nine years and celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary in August 2015. Cassie has one brother and one sister while Paul has three brothers and two sisters. We both have rather large, loving, and supportive extended families. It seemed natural to have a large brood of children ourselves.

It hasn’t worked out the way we thought it would. After several miscarriages, and losing our triplets halfway through pregnancy, we were blessed with one son. Having been born 3 months early, his first few months were a struggle for all of us. We are extremely grateful he is now thriving, but we realized having more of our own birth children is not a viably safe option.

Coming to this conclusion, we realized we have a lot of love and care to offer to more children. After many prayers and discussions, we discerned adoption is the direction God is guiding us. Meanwhile, we talked to our extended family and friends who have been blessed by adoption, either by adopting a child or having been adopted as a child, and discovered that it is an overwhelmingly positive lifetime experience. (Even if it doesn’t seem so at the moment)

If you choose to share your baby with us, here is what he or she can look forward to. We both work hard at our careers: Cassie as a laboratory manager and Paul as a software engineer. We enjoy our family friendly neighborhood, but look forward to moving to a more spacious home and yard to accommodate our growing household. We hope to save enough along the way to help our children through college. And in the meantime, we enjoy memorable trips to visit family and explore the amazing beauty of our country. We enjoy bicycling and excursions to the lake during the summer, actually many lakes. We are still working on the logistics of camping with children, but we are planning on starting small and working back up to our extended trips. When winter snows come, we head north to go skiing and snowshoeing.

Thank you for considering us for the opportunity to share your child’s life. We pray that, whomever you choose, your child experiences the happiest of childhoods with a loving family.

Cassie and Paul