Steve and Ryane

Dear Birth Parents,

We understand the deep love you have for your child and want to send our support as you go through this emotional journey. We can identify with your desire to provide the best for your child and admire your courage and selflessness. Thank you for taking your time to look at our profile and getting to know a little about our family.

About us: We met 17 years ago in college and had an immediate bond. Our relationship continued to grow and strengthen throughout graduate school. We each graduated from college with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Steve in 2000 and Ryane in 2001. After five years of dating, we married in October of 2004 and bought our first home in Kalamazoo. In 2009, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy.

Meet Brady: Brady was born in December, 2009. He’s a constant ray of sunshine and we feel fortunate to have such an amazing little boy. Brady is a happy, active five year old who is always laughing and being silly. His current interests include hockey, soccer, super heroes and Star Wars. There are no words to describe how much richer our lives are because of Brady.

Ryane (written by Steve) is smart, spunky, attractive and caring. She’s an incredibly supportive wife and great mom. She always thinks of herself second as she gives her time to support my races, assist in our son’s kindergarten class and coordinate family events. I am lucky to have her as my partner in life.

Steve (written by Ryane) is truly my other half and best friend. He has a great sense of humor and is always making people around him laugh. Steve is goal oriented and has a passion for life. I admire his always positive outlook. He is a loving and dedicated husband, father and friend.

As a family we enjoy being active and spending time with family and friends. Our hobbies include camping, canoeing, biking, running and yoga. A healthy balance between family, profession, and play is very important. We have enjoyed many great adventures and look forward to sharing many more as our family of three becomes a family of four.

We are honored to be considered as an adoptive family for your child. Words cannot begin to explain the respect and admiration we have for your strength and courage. You will always be part of your child and we will always make sure you have a presence in their life. We promise to provide a loving, stable home and a lifetime of family adventures.

With Love,

Steve, Ryane and Brady