Infant Adoption

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Our infant adoption program exists to meet the needs of children whose birthparents are making adoption plans for them.  We are looking for families to meet children’s needs, not children that meet family’s needs.  Adoptive parents are viewed as resources for children in need of permanent homes.

Our infant adoption program at Catholic Charities West Michigan is an open adoption program for biological parents who wish to make a voluntary adoption plan for their child.  The agency educates and studies families wishing to adopt an infant throughout West Michigan. It is our strong belief that an open adoption relationship between biological parents and adoptive families provide the best possible outcome for children as they develop and grow into adulthood

Home Study:  All prospective adoptive families must have a preplacement assessment conducted by a licensed child placing agency in order to adopt a child in the state of Michigan. Our preplacement assessment is done in accordance with the Michigan adoption code and includes aspects like FBI background checks, medicals, home visits and extensive social history on the prospective adoptive family.

Education: All prospective adoptive families participate in education classes to learn about the legal and emotional aspects of the adoption process as well as supporting the identity development of an adopted child. Education also focuses on the unique aspects of navigating an open adoption and the benefits of this type of relationship.

Fees:  As Infant Adoption is a voluntary program, there is no adoption subsidy provided by the state, therefore all fees for infant adoption services are paid by the adoptive family.  A fee schedule for services can be obtained by contacting our infant adoption specialist.

Contact Stephanie at or 616.356.6293 to learn more.

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