Tabitha came to Catholic Charities West Michigan to get treatment for substance abuse. She had a long history of abuse and had relapsed several times and now she was pregnant. Her child was born drug exposed and there were concerns that she was not tending to her children appropriately. She was in danger of having them taken away. Tabitha began receiving services through our Protect MiFamily program in Muskegon. Protect MiFamily is an in-home prevention and preservation service for families with children ages 0-5 who are facing challenges that put them at high risk for future Children’s Protective Services (CPS) involvement. CCWM services include teaching extensive relapse prevention strategies and skills.

Through our program, Tabitha learned how her substance use had an impact on her family and on the children’s development. She experienced some difficult obstacles along the way that she informed our staff would have previously caused her to relapse. But because of the skills she had learned in relapse prevention, she was able to make it through those tough times without using. Tabitha has been clean and sober for over a year now. It was very rewarding to work with her, watching her change her life and learn to be the best mother possible to her children.