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Pregnancy and parenting can be some of the most rewarding—and challenging—of life’s experiences. We are here to walk alongside families in times of need to help them thrive. With God’s Village, we’re in this together.


Through our free community-based services focused on the needs of children and families, we provide support for you and your loved ones from pregnancy through the early years of childhood. We will partner with you to ensure you have the resources, knowledge, and solutions you need to build and preserve a strong and healthy family.

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Baby & Toddler Pantries

Offering a wide selection of free baby and toddler items, as well as free in-home services and access to resources and opportunities to earn incentives through safety classes for infant and toddler care.

Child holding hands with parents

Healthy Families

Connecting those who are pregnant or have infants under three months with other parents, community resources, and transportation.

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Project Rachel - Post Abortive Support

Offering opportunities for healing and reconciliation for all who are working through emotional and spiritual pain from an abortion experience. Opportunities include compassionate, confidential listening, one-on-one counseling, Reconciliation, and Rachel’s Vineyard retreats.

Pregnant woman holding belly

Pregnancy Counseling

Providing in-home counseling with qualified, caring professionals for individuals and families through pregnancy and until the baby’s first birthday. Answers regarding issues like insurance and prenatal care.

Fathers Matter

Fathers Matter

Nurturing fathers in Muskegon County with evidenced-based education and support programming designed to promote confident, responsible parenting.

 Contact: Timmy Smith or 231-215-4622

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Walking with Moms in Need

Walking with Moms in Need is a program that strives to make sure that the everyone connected with the Catholic Church and its resources knows how to support pregnant women in need.

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Addressing the needs of children whose birth parents are making adoption plans for them. Counseling is available for individuals who are considering adoption during their pregnancy.

Empowering Youth Today

Empowering Youth Today

Utilizing a research-based abstinence-only curriculum to support Muskegon County youth in making the choice to remain abstinent from drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Contact: Danielle Smith or 231-666-4044