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Project Rachel

Even if it seems like you didn't have a choice or weren't being heard, your pain is real and there's hope.

Contact us at or 616-340-1824.

Project Rachel offers opportunities for healing and reconciliation for those who suffer emotional and spiritual pain from an abortion experience. 

Project Rachel is a FREE and confidential service that offers: 

  • A confidential phone line and email address for support.
  • Referrals to trained counselors, priests, and support persons who have received healing after an abortion experience.
  • Individual counseling to help you deal with issues of anger, guilt, and unexpressed grief.
  • A library of books, brochures, articles, videos, and other materials available in both English and Spanish.
  • Speakers available for presentations to churches, schools, colleges, youth groups, and adult education.
  • Memorial prayer services, Mass, and other events held throughout the year for all who grieve the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, SID, neonatal loss, illness, accident, or suicide. 

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Weekends

Designed to help anyone who struggles with the aftermath of abortion, Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Weekends are designed to help you get away from the daily pressures of life to begin healing through a supportive, trauma-sensitive approach. 

Each weekend is run by a team of trained volunteers (counselors, priests, and lay people) who care deeply about your healing and are sensitive to your needs, many of whom have suffered the trauma of abortion themselves. We understand that your loss may be something you have never shared with another person, even those who are closest to you. All interactions with the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat team are completely confidential.

Retreat weekends are generally held in the spring and the fall in the Greater Grand Rapids area. We also hold a retreat in Kalamazoo once a year.

The fee for a weekend retreat is $150, including a room for two nights, meals, and retreat materials. Financial assistance is available for anyone unable to pay the retreat fee.

In order to best serve participants during the retreat we encourage you to reserve your spot as early as possible. The deadline is one week before the retreat. If you have missed the deadline, please reach out to us to see if space is still available.

For information about how Project Rachel can help you or a loved one, please contact or 616-340-1824.

Therese's Story

Project Rachel helps women like Therese on on their healing journey.