Samantha, a 13-year-old girl living in Holland, and her father were referred to Catholic Charities West Michigan after she was charged with breaking and entering while under the influence of alcohol.

After a thorough assessment by the agency’s staff, it was discovered that Samantha suffered from severe mental health issues, and she had experimented with a wide array of mind-altering substances.

Samantha was referred to a psychiatrist for medications to stabilize her emotional health. The changes that followed were noticeable.

She went back to school, after not attending the school year prior. During her first semester, Samantha achieved all A’s in her classes, making the honor roll for the first time.

Samantha is still working with her therapist and psychiatrist on her mental health and substance abuse issues. She and her family have benefited from family services offered by Catholic Charities West Michigan to address how situations in the household impact Samantha’s stability.

Her family now has the tools it needs to stay together and be more healthy.