Premarital Counseling


At Catholic Charities West Michigan we support the growth of healthy relationships and believe that a strong marriage is a key ingredient and a necessary foundation for a healthy family. In order to support couples preparing for this important commitment, we offer a 4-session Premarital Preparation experience to assist in understanding the dynamics of their relationship.

During these hour-long meetings, the individual couple is given the opportunity to:

  • Look at strengths and growth areas
  • Learn and affirm communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Explore expectations in a safe environment
  • Understand how each other’s history affects the ways of being with each other now

At the conclusion of the five-sessions, a letter of completion will be sent to the parish/church where the wedding will take place.

To learn more about premarital counseling through Catholic Charities West Michigan, please call 616-356-6247.