At Catholic Charities we see adoption as a loving choice. Adoption means love and respect for everyone involved:yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Adoption

birth parents, adoptive parents and especially the child.

We provide a program for prospective adoptive families designed to assist and guide your family in the decision making process. We have an adoption specialist to provide support to your family during the waiting process, placement period and long after the legal finalization of your adoption. We also provide education and training for prospective adoptive parents.

Birth Parents

Catholic Charities West Michigan offers personalized adoption services and works as your advocate through the adoption process prioritizing your well being and what is best for your child. Most importantly, we want you to feel respected and supported through this difficult decision making process. Birth parents can look to us for:

  • Counseling at no cost
  • Exploration of parenting and adoption options to insure a well thought out decision.
  • Full explanation of the legal and emotional process of adoption
  • Assistance choosing an adoptive family, either selected from among those prepared and educated by our agency, or identified by you to be evaluated by the agency.
  • Help identifying the degree of openness desired in the adoptive relationship.
  • Support of a counselor to walk with you both during and after your adoptive placement.
  • Pregnancy support services to assist you if you choose to parent your child.

Open Adoption

Our adoption program allows you to choose the degree of openness that feels right for you. Our goal is to have quality adoptive families who are educated regarding the benefits of openness and who are committed to this type of adoption. Choices concerning the openness of the adoption range from exchanging letters to visits with the birth parents. Each relationship is unique and based on the needs of all parties involved. Birth parents are provided the opportunity to be involved in selecting the adoptive family for their child, meeting this family and potentially developing an ongoing relationship for the life of the child.

Adoption Through Foster Care

Although Family Reunification is the primary goal of Catholic Charities West Michigan’s Foster Care Program, there are times when children are unable to return home and biological parents lose their right to be caregivers for their children. In cases such as these, children are left looking for a “forever home.” Catholic Charities West Michigan works with these children and potential adoptive families in order to help children find a permanent home that they can consider to be their own, forever.

Many children are available for adoption along with their brothers and sisters. Families who are able to provide a permanent and loving home for three or four children are often needed. Adoptive families are also needed for older children or teens. Click here to learn more about adoption through foster care.

To learn more, contact us at one of our offices:
Grand Rapids office: (616) 456-1443
Muskegon office: (231) 726-4735
Traverse City office: (231) 346-5250

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